The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

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If a show has 2-3 seasons, that’s my sweet spot. If it has 4, that’s borderline. 5 seasons I struggle with. It has to be a legendary show or I’m out
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Love Life was pretty good. Held off cuz I judged it by promotional pics/posters but the series is quality.

Well written, well acted, smart and funny.


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I have not!
The most important plot line of the series is the unusual relationship between Ayato Kamina and Haruka ****ow. Although Haruka appears to be a stranger to Ayato at first, the series reveals that they knew each other from before the beginning of the story.

Ayato is a boy who was unknowingly conceived with the help of the Bähbem Foundation living in Tokyo with his adoptive mother, Maya Kamina. Ayato had met Haruka on a trip outside of Tokyo, and they continued to see each other when they returned to school in Tokyo. At this time, Haruka's family name was Mishima.

However, during what later became known as the Tokyo Jupiter incident, Haruka and her pregnant mother were away on a holiday trip while Ayato was caught inside the city. Years later, after giving birth to Haruka's sister Megumi, Haruka's mother remarried and their family name became ****ow. Meanwhile, Maya modified Ayato's memories to make him forget Haruka. The series makes clear that the entire population of Tokyo Jupiter is subject to the same kind of mental control, thinking that they are all that's left of mankind after a devastating war. Ayato is haunted by visions of Haruka, which he manifests in his art. Ixtli, RahXephon's soul, also adopts Haruka's appearance and family name (Mishima) to guide Ayato, but takes a different given name—Reika.

The story begins as Tokyo is attacked by invaders while a mysterious woman, later revealed to be Haruka, stalks Ayato. By this point, Haruka has grown considerably older than Ayato and everyone else who remained inside because of the time dilation in Tokyo Jupiter. Because of this and the fact that she now has a different last name, Ayato does not recognize Haruka and initially mistrusts her, but he gradually re-discovers his love for her as the series progresses and he learns of what has happened. At the end of the series, Ayato's RahXephon merges with Quon's, and he modifies the past by "re-tuning the world" so that he and Haruka are never separated. In the final sequence of the series, the adult Ayato is seen with his wife Haruka and their infant daughter Quon.


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Master Zik Master Zik Im about to start the 3rd episode of His Dark Materials. This show is cool but is it actually a kids show? No serious violence, nudity or foul language yet. Why is it on HBO?
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