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Man Dr. Manhattan seemed so over humanity and said his goodbyes to Laurie by the end of Watchmen. Besides its 2019. Laurie is in her what 70s? Plus the way it ended she was back with Owl dude.

I'd find it a stretch fof him to come back got those reasons. Keep in mind he sees the past present and future simultaneously. He already knows how Laurie dies. Fam made it seem like he was gone for good. If he comes back maybe it's to take over the planet or have his creation do so.

I think it'd be cooler they go for another person that actually gains super powers.
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I heard the rumblings and was immediately hooked on this show. Watched both episodes back to back at 1am the other night and can't wait to see where it goes.

Soundtrack and score, writing, visuals, it's all really strong so far. I'm really glad to see the angle and story they're taking this in, especially with shedding light on what happened in Tulsa.

So far so good.
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Imagine my surprise while im at work, on my lunch break, eating lo-mein while watching this episode and this broad pulls out a blue wang from her briefcase. I'm like......DA FAQ :stoneface: :stoneface: . Otherwise good episode.

-At least now we have confirmation that Alfred is playing Adrien.
-I wonder what owlman is in jail for


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ok now im confused this takes place after ozy was successful with the squid and blamed manhattan for it? or is her joke a play on the graphic novels events?
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The hot theory on the internets is that Veidt is on Mars and the Game Warden is Dr Manhattan but that doesn’t make any sense to me. (Even though it’s probably not supposed to make sense)

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That was my thought based on the clone's body, but we'll see.

Also I think the husband has a way bigger role in this than let on so far.
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