Nike Space Hippie

Joined Nov 28, 2014
These gon be my birthday shoe.

Grabbing the 03 regardless, but if I can grab the 03 for retail off SNKRS, I'll pay resell for the 01 off Stock X or GOAT
Joined Nov 19, 2015
I'm just hoping I can cop an 03 for retail. Without the hype jumping in these, I don't think these would sell out, but with prices double retail already, you know resellers and bits are going to eat. Like those Agassi pairs recently...


Joined Dec 27, 2012
I placed an order during the sale last week and it shipped out in 4 different packages. 2 Fedex and 2 UPS. I choose the free shipping option and never had anything come fedex until now
I had a FedEx package recently. It was shipped from Beaverton Oregon.
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