Oh I'm sorry, Did I Break Your Conversation........Well Allow Me A Movie Thread by S&T

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Thats ****ing funny man :lol:

Just put me on to something new.

Dude from What We Do in the Shadows is always funny.

Watched yesterday. Overall it was a solid film.

I got a laugh out of the camera work when Will had to "kiss". :lol: I wonder if he requested that, the studio played to the audiences (lack of) sensibilities, or a little bit of both.
He refused to kiss a dude so they had dude turn his face along with the camera angle.
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Any of y'all been watching the Unsolved Mysteries reboot on Netflix?
Used to have a love/hate relationship with that show as a youngin', that creepy old guy used to have me shook with his voice
I scrolled past and was wondering if it was a reboot or reruns. I don't know how it could be the same without Robert Stack. He sort of made the show. Used to scare TF out of me.
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I've still got a few episodes left, maybe finish it this weekend. But that E:6, I watched that last night and you were absolutely right: that was pretty damn good to be a single episode.
Yea, it surprised me. I was 100% leaning in. The one shot tracking had a way of making me feel like I was in the room watching their family fall apart in real time. And the way they designed the set so that the father could walk from the funeral home hallway straight into Hill House out of nowhere kept he shot going but also made it feel like a fever dream. All that with great non-stop acting and genuine tension made it feel like a perfect episode for me.
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