Jordan Retro 1 OG Royal returns April 1 2017

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Just as an FYI .... there is no reason to go over the ledge on resell for these. The production run of my pairs is close to 3 months which is about a month+ longer than BReds or any of the other remastered 1s. There will be restocks and there will be a back to school restock as well --

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Sure hope you are right! Can't believe I stuck out this morning. A couple little mistakes and boom, everything was gone.
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Went to pick my pair up and it went well. FTL let me use my rewards so I paid 151. I didn't have rewards for Footaction and champs let me use my rewards so two out of 3 I got below retail is cool. Also the jimmy jazz in redbird(dallas) had pair cause they did fcfs but I didn't want to be super greedyView media item 2388363
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I had gotten through 10 minutes after the release on the SNKRS app. I thought it was an April Fools joke at first until I got the confirmation email.
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So is shoepalace sold out of a size 9?

On my phone I can't choose a size 9 but on my iPad once the timer runs out the 9 is still available :nerd:
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Basically.. I camped out since 7 to grab em from kicksUsa.. Didn't hit on the raffle so I said fu*k it hope they got extra.

I didn't get my normal size 10 but I got a 9.5.. I took the 9.5 to a consignment shop that bought it for $210. They had a pair of size 10 a dude brought on consignment for $350. I got my $160 bak + 50 for the 9.5. I took that 210, added 140, and took the size 10 on consignment. Thas my new hustle. Get whatever size n then pay the difference at a consignment shop.
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Everyone be patient in the resell market please! Just wait.

Next weekend let's try and push these as low as we can! I want resellers to lose!
Yes spread the message brother 

Let the resell market plummet! Already on twitter someone said it's 230 yesterday 

I am not buying any if it is more expensive than $173 + shipping 

what's up with all these people having 4 pairs, 10 pairs, 15 pairs, 20 pairs? 

I am about to buy my Pure Boosts under retail instead!!  Got enough J's 

If the price ain't right don't buy!  I'll check out FTL in the afternoon. 
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Heat seeker 23 reporting live from SF's infamous TL about to get my lurk on in the hopes of unclaimed pairs at the market shiehk
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