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As an initial matter. I did not vote for William Barr. The Department of Justice is independent and people have discussed issues with department through administrations of both parties.

Joe Biden has flip-flopped on many of the issues that you have mentioned. He is a large reason many of his new stances are necessary (he's calling to end sentencing disparities that he created).

You also missed the Fair Chance Act and the record funding given to HBCUs.

I have picked the side of the ability to get meaningful legislation passed.
Why even bother if this is all the resistance you can muster? Who nominated William Barr?

If you vote for Trump in 2020, you are voting for Barr as the head of the DOJ. Own it.
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u know
sometimes when folks are wrong
instead of admitting theyre wrong
they double down
or misspeak
not knowing how to properly explain themselves
coupled with a gang of folks jumping down ur throat quick to talk about how wrong u are
not everyone can deal with that
PLUS the persona folks try to uphold on nt
when they are completely different in person
or how things may come off sounding wild
when u dont personally know a person
or what they been through
or how they view things due to the things theyve been through
i dont recall folks ever asking him why???
but instead
immediately making him the but of the joke
mind u
some of that stuff be hella funny
just cause i dont agree with everything u say
i do recognize ur a competent and smart dude
i feel the same about him
and wish yall would instead of getting at each other all the time
try and come to more of an understanding
and respect for one another
even when yall disagree
thats all im saying
i hate how yall do what yall do with mixed company around
and im guilty of that too
but thats all i have to say
I see what you're saying, but plenty of people have made an effort to understand his perspective. There's having a different perspective, and then there's throwing obvious bull**** around and gaslighting people when they call you out.
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didn't take u as a an charli xcx type of guy, best pop artist on the planet:
I still think this administration has a better chance of getting some of the important legislation enacted than a Biden administration would.

****s have always attracted potent anger.

That's like saying you notice black folk going extra hard at Terry Crews.
oh **** :lol:.
They that brotha lost, lost.

Mans clearly can't accept his black side by looking at his haircut. Dude needs a black barber to get that **** right; but instead he letting that joint look like the rough at the US Open Golf Tournament.

Give me Kamala please
please be respectful. he may be dealing w/ cowlick.
Have you ever asked Dwalk how he feels about white supremacy? I have, then was surprised at his response. His politics is one thing, but the social construct is something else.
If his politics is an accurate indication of how he feels about white supremacy then he's definitely in favor of it.
We don't know for sure, but Talcum X is probably just a white dude.
if shaun king is black then i'm white.
Rusty got Tomi out here sounding bitter. AOC and I believed in you kids too :smh:
probably building the courage to come out the closet. she'll likely be a full blown lib in 10 years.


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It gets worse. Rusty Fricke maxed out his credit card to buy a $50k engagement ring :rofl:

$50k also happens to be his yearly salary :rofl:

No wonder Rusty is a socialist. Wants my tax dollars to pay off his debt :smh:
Needs to pick himself up by the bootstraps and learn the value of a hard day's work in the coal mines 😤
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You may think this is a fig leaf. It's a clover.

Someone you also wouldn't vote for once said Joe Biden was the "architect of modern mass incarceration." Okay.
William Barr literally wrote "the case for more incarceration" in 1992.

Biden has apologized and proposed criminal justice reforms that would reverse course from the 94 crime bill.
Has Barr apologized?

No, he's sending feds to Chicago as a blatantly racist overture to "law and order" enthusaists, just like he did in 1992.

No one here is arguing that Joe Biden is a good candidate. Donald Trump is worse.

Joe Biden opposes the death penalty.
Donald Trump supports the death penalty.

Joe Biden wants to end cash bail.
Donald Trump supports cash bail.

Joe Biden vowed to end the use of private prisons.
Donald Trump supports private prisons, and sued to prevent California from banning them.

Joe Biden has called to end sentencing disparities between crack and powder cocaine. He supports decriminalizing cannabis.
Donald Trump suggested that drug dealers deserve the death penalty.

Joe Biden supports an extension of the Voting Rights Act.
Trump opposes this, and has previously threatened to veto any such extension. Under Trump, the DOJ failed to enforce the Voting Rights Act - even once.

Donald Trump also threatened to veto a $740 billion defense bill to protect Confederate names for military bases.

You think he'll sign the "Second Step Act," but he reportedly regrets signing the first one - and did so only out of perceived electoral self-interest.

Your boy supports throwing those protesting racist policing into unmarked vans. This is America:


Pick a side.
Damn man, I was being nice.....lolololololol!


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Dean Holmes, a student at York Catholic High School in York, Pennsylvania, put on a Black Lives Matter mask under his face shield at his July 28 graduation ceremony.

As students lined up before the ceremony started, the school's principal pulled him away in front of other students and told him to take off the mask, Holmes told CNN.

Holmes had previously been told by another school official to take the mask off, so he eventually relented for fear to not being able to walk across the stage, he said.

"I was so mad. I was shaking during the graduation, tapping my leg on edge...when it was over, I couldn't believe it," said Holmes.

York Catholic had opted to give every student a face shield instead of a mask for the ceremony.

Should have refused to take off the mask...for more than a few reasons.

Imagine the faculties satisfaction when he complied.

If just to wipe the superiority off their faces alone it would have been worth it to...


Only to later find out that everyone on the faculty that decided "face shields" were a better option than masks (during a freaking GLOBAL PANDEMIC), but people's feelings needed to be kept safe from a damn "Black Lives Matter" mask, ended up with COVID.
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Kids don't know any better, they're trained to crack under pressure from authority, but he's on the right path and is already more of a man than dwalk
dude should have refused and sued

the pressure on the school would force them to settle just to get shh to go away
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