What sneaker made you become a Sneakerhead?

Joined Sep 30, 2006
If in wrong place Mods, lock up. Idk if this thread comes up alot or not, but im just curious on what sneakers made NT want to buy, collect, wear sneakers. Forme, I was a AF1 boy when I was little. I had colors, Jean AF1, etc. Wasn't into bball shoes yet or any other brand, had a few but nothin special. Me and mymom walked in FTL downtown bk, expecting to walk out with some white ups in 05 and saw these:

Love at first sight, seriously. Mom was kinda hesitant because she was used to buying me sneakers under $90, but she did me the favor that day. These were theShoes that made me want to buy, collect, wear sneakers as a serious hobby. I was 13 at the time (yes a young buck), so these were the first real sneakers thatI was happy to wear, literally wore them to the grave. I know I know it wasnt that long ago, but its just somethin abt those.Post urs NT, really intrested inyour pairs. I threw my pair out so I dont have an OG pic but if you do post it plz.
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OG Black Metallic 5s...I wanted them so bad, but my mom didn't want to drop the $$ on em...

now I prefer the white/fire reds over them, but the black metallics still hold a special place in my heart lol.
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The og Scottie Pippen olympic colourway of the Air Uptempos! Wore them to death, still want another pair!
Joined May 11, 2008
Too many to mention, but i will, Air Force 1, Adidas Rocket, just re released as Adidas Court Star with the light to darkblue stripe fade, originally release in about 1983 or something. Then there was the Adidas Lendel, Puma Dallas, and then the Air Trainer and the Air max 1.Then they were followed by Air Trainer 2 (my fave) SPX Street Slam Low, British Knights (originals) and Troop Cobra and Cobra II. Plus all the usual 90s etclater on.

The best, i used to club hard in those...
Joined Nov 10, 2008
Air Max 90 Infrareds when they came out in 1990. I was in 8th grade. I've been addicted to kicks ever since.
Joined May 16, 2006
When I was in 7th grade my older cousin got a pair of OG taxi 12s to ball in for his HS season. Going to the games to watch him, and being so jealous of hiskicks was the beginning of the end for me. I finally got myself an OG pair about a year ago, and I've prolly worn them more than any other pair in mycollection in the past year.
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I wanted just about every Jordan since the OG III's(I was 7), mainly the Black Cement Grey colorway.
Joined Feb 25, 2006
BLACK NikeAir jordan5 OG( yes, I'm that old
) The onlypair my moms could afford. $50.00 no box shoe laces tied together in the sale bin @ my local OSHMANS sporting goods. I kept going there for 2 weeks making surenobody buy them by piling other shoes on top. They look like they'd been tried on about a million times, soles were all dirty, creases everywhere
. Let's just say they wouldn't pass the VVVVVVVNDS inspection
of today.
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original Fire red V. From back in the day. Fresh prince of bel air posters all over Los Angeles is what got me into shoes... I liked will smith a lot as a kidlol. But I started beastin and actually actually actually collecting back in 96 when the Jordan 12 playoffs dropped. I've had numerous heat throughout mychildhood tho... AM90 was a favorite of mine. But I recall through Polaroid pictures
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Nothing really impressive but when i saw these for the first time they looked like something out of this world! Rocking these with gap button-down back in theday...stylin'
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I was in elementary school 4th or 5th grade, and these joints came out. This kid in my class had every colorway. My momrefused to pay that much for shoes. So since then I've been determined to make up for time lost.

Joined Oct 21, 2008
Nike air max 90 infrared HOA and the AM 90 MAIZE (i was a sophomore in college)... i know... im new to the game, but they're the ones that were the firstto really catch my eye
Joined Sep 17, 2008
My parents bought me some Jordan VIIs out of the blue when I was 7 years old. That planted the seed, but in the mid/late 90's it really took off.

Nike Air Diamond Fury - Griffey CW
Nike Air Max Penny 1
Nike Air Griffey Max
Nike Air Max Triax
Nike Air Griffey Max II
Nike Air More Uptempo
Jordan XI
Jordan XII
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Id have to say in 99 the air total pillar, I was about 11 years old and it was a few days after my birthday and I had a few bucks so my aunt took me tofootlocker and I seen them and it was instant love, I was wearin jordans and af1s years before that but somethin bout there neon color 3m and silver mesh droveme crazy I used to love lookin down and seeing the red bubbles on the inside of that shoe I pray nike retros them cause to many to name will be put in therotation

Other honorable mentions are the snake skin 11 back in 6th grade really started my love for jordans and the year 2004 for af1s really developed my passion forthem aswell
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good thread!

i had a good amount of pairs back in the 90's...as usual back then they all ended up beat to the ground but this pair was the first shoe i ever woke upearly in the morning to go buy from footlocker, also the first shoe that made me start buying sneakers on a regular basis.....

never took too much care of them but that's where i crossed the threshold from just 1-2 pairs each school year to as many pairs as i could squeeze out ofmy moms n my allowance, it was all downhill from then on

....i'm going to wear the pair i have this weekend, this post made me realize how much i love them!!
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OG white/black-red AJ IX. Got them for my B-day (Feb.) but Mom wouldnt let me where them until the weather got nice so I wore them around the house every day!
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My parents divorced when I was like 2 and even as a baby my mom liked me to look good so I was always into kicks I guess. But since my parents were divorcedI didn't see my dad much so everytime I did see him he would buy me a new pair of shoes or if he couldnt come see me he would send me a pair. I alwayswanted toys instead, but he always said I was to old for toys. So I would throw on the shoes as soon as I got them and just drag my feet in dirt, jump inpuddles. scrape them against the sidewalk. Basically anything to mess them up. But then around the time I was 8 my mom bought me a pair of laney XIV's andthey just looked so cool to me. But what really made me appreciate them was the smell of the suede or nubuck or whatever I'll never forget that. I actuallybought a pair a couple years ago and they still have a smell that's so different from other sneakers. Ever since then though I sort of fell in love withsneakers
A pic I found on google
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Always has fairly dope stuff as a kid, but what absolutely got me into sneakers was
This Dude in my class Josh had them. I was this close to straightstealing them from him every day of grade 5.
The Ad campaignthey originally ran for these worked like a charm. I believe it was these (at least I think it was) and the Air Bakin's that were just on a black page witha phone number at the bottom that you could call. I remember tearing through the newest sports illustrated just to see if one of these ads would show up.
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